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Skincare Tips and Advice

DIY Skin Detox
Need a little post-holiday skin detox? Here is one of Emme's infamous DIY at-home facials, designed to clarify by combining our Skin Smoothing Polish with our Sulfur Refining Mask to create a deep pore-cleansing scrub.
Navigating New Product Breakouts: The Purging Phenomenon
You've just started a new skincare routine or introduced a new product, only to wake up a few days later to an unexpected breakout. Understandably, it might feel disheartening. You may be thinking, “Isn’t this new product supposed to help my skin?” But before you toss that product into the trash, let's talk about a phenomenon known as skin purging. As an esthetician, I've guided countless clients through this process, and I’m here to demystify it for you.
Salty Secrets: How Processed Foods Impact Your Skin
While they're super convenient (we've all been there), these sneaky snacks and meals can wreak havoc on our skin. In this post, we'll get into why these quick bites might be messing with your skin and share some doable tips to cut back on them.
Acne-Safe Makeup List
Makeup is often a huge trigger for those with acne prone skin. Did you know that most makeup contains pore clogging ingredients that will lead to b...
Salicylic Acid VS Mandelic Acid: Which is Best?
When it comes to clearing acne, there are so many different ingredients available! If you’re an existing client of mine, benzoyl peroxide or sulfur may be top of mind, but there are also two popular acids to consider: Mandelic acid and Salicylic acid.
The Hormone You May Be Overlooking When It Comes to Hormonal Acne
In discussions about hormonal acne imbalances with Testosterone and Estrogen typically dominate the conversation, however, there is another hormone that is less frequently mentioned but can be just as triggering...
Are Your Supplements Sabotaging Your Skin?
While vitamins and supplements aren’t inherently bad, if you’re acne prone it’s important to pay careful attention to what type and how much you are taking. This is because taking too much of certain supplements (more than 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance, or ‘RDA’) can actually have a negative effect on your skin. Let's dive into some of the most popular supplements that may be sabotaging your skin! 
Could Your Tummy Trouble Be Showing Up On Your Skin?
Since the gut plays such an important role in maintaining homeostasis throughout the body, it’s not surprising that an imbalance can impact other organs, including our skin.
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