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Are Skin Care Tools Worth It?

Are Skin Care Tools Worth It?

With so many new high tech skincare tools on the market, it is tempting to purchase them to up your skincare game. While a few may be worth your time and money, most of them simply aren’t powerful enough to be effective (and should be left to the professionals), while others can actually be very damaging to your skin. Before your spend your hard-earned money on these DIY gadgets, here is expert advice from Emme Diane:
by Emily Linehan on May 28, 2021
Comedogenic vs. Acnegenic

Comedogenic vs. Acnegenic

There is much confusion on what comedogenic means. Many get it confused with acnegenicity which is different.  Comedogenicity is the ability of a substance to cause hyperkeratosis (overproduction of skin cells) particularly in the top portion of the follicle/pore.  The end result is scaling of the skin and the production of microcomedones (invisible) and comedones (which, in layman’s terms are clogged pores and blackheads).
by Emily Linehan on April 23, 2021
How Stress Affects Your Skin

How Stress Affects Your Skin

It goes without saying, but stress can definitely affect the skin in not so desirable ways. While breakouts are most commonly associated with stress induce skin troubles (more on this later), there are many other ways stress takes a toll on our skin.

by Emily Linehan on April 16, 2021
The Link Between Dairy and Acne

The Link Between Dairy and Acne

Dairy is one of the most triggering foods for those who are acne prone and I can usually tell by seeing a client's skin if they have been consuming dairy. The dead giveaway is tender, inflamed acne lesions (many times cystic) found mostly on the cheeks, but also the jawline and chin.
by Emily Linehan on March 05, 2021
Laundry machine

Could Your Laundry Methods Be Sabotaging Your Skin?

You probably have never considered this, but just think about it…towels, sheets and clothes have contact with your bare skin everyday. And with the rise...
by Emily Linehan on October 20, 2020
Acne Safe Protein Powders

#EmmeApproved Acne Safe Protein Powders

Did you know that your protein powder might be a huge trigger for your breakouts? It's true! Rest assured, I have a plethora of alternative...
by Emily Linehan on March 22, 2020