Skin Theory Podcast

44. Can Cycle Syncing Work for Skincare?
Adjusting your skincare to suit different seasons, environments, or specific skin concerns is something we’re all familiar with. But what if I told you that your skincare routine could also be aligned with the ebb and flow of your hormones? Intrigued, a little? Well, join me in this episode of Skin Theory as we explore how tailoring your skincare to each phase of your cycle could be your secret weapon against hormonal skin havoc.
43. The Truth about Tanning
Sunshine and tanned skin are quintessential symbols of summer, but please don’t lay out in the sun until you tune into today's episode of Skin Theory. I’m cranking up the heat on the real truths behind tanning—debunking the myths, spotlighting the risks, and diving into our society's love affair with that sun-kissed look. Plus, I'll share some secrets on achieving a healthy glow safely. Trust me, your skin is going to thank you!
42. Hydration vs Moisture: What Does Your Skin Need?
Have you ever found yourself slathering on layer after layer of the richest creams and yet your skin still felt dry? Or maybe your skin is super oily, but somehow you’re still experiencing dryness or flakiness?  If any of these sounds like you then listen up, because in today’s episode of Skin Theory we’re getting to the bottom of why this happens by focusing on understanding the roles of hydration and moisture in skincare.
41. What To Know About Your Skin’s Moisture Barrier
By now we’ve all heard the term “damaged barrier” on social media, but what does that really mean? How can you tell if something is damaged, without knowing what it is in the first place? So in today’s episode, I’ll be sharing everything you need to know about your moisture barrier – why it's significant, how to tell if it’s damaged, and tips for repairing and maintaining it.
40. When Will My Skincare Work? Here’s When to Expect Results
You know what they say… “good things take time”, and skincare is no exception. While most skincare ingredients get to work right away, there is a bit of a waiting game when it comes to actually seeing results. So in today’s episode, I’m going to break down when you can realistically expect to see results from some of the most popular skincare ingredients.
39. Shining a Light on LED Therapy
It's time to shine a light on... well, light therapy! If you're scrolling through your socials thinking, 'Should I get on this LED light therapy train?' I've got you covered. From what it actually does to your skin, to not getting duped by shiny gadgets, I’m breaking it all down in today’s episode!
38. Is Your Gut Impacting Your Glow?

If you’ve listened to previous podcast episodes or have completed my online consultation, you’ve likely heard me stress how our diets can impact our skin, however, the correlation between our skin and gut goes much deeper than just the foods we eat. In fact, studies have shown that our gut microbiome (the good and bad bacteria) is a major regulator of the gut-skin axis and has an effect on several skin conditions, and, gut imbalances can be one of the main causes of adult acne.

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