Skin Theory Podcast

35. How to Love Your Skin When Dealing with Acne
In today’s episode of Skin Theory, I’m taking a deep dive into how our skin struggles can profoundly intertwine with our self-esteem and mental state…and how we can find ways to love our skin, even when we are struggling.
34. The Science of Serums
Skincare serums have become the superstars of skincare routines, but have you ever wondered what exactly are they? Or maybe, how am I supposed to use them? Or, are they even that important in a skincare routine? Today we're discussing all of that and more. 
33. Winter Woes: Soothing Sensitive Skin in the Cold
Winter brings its own kind of magic with cooler weather and those cozy, snuggle-up nights. But, let’s face it – it’s not always a winter wonderland for our skin. The cold, dry air can really bring about some challenges, especially for those of us with sensitive skin. But don't stress, because I’m sharing my top solutions to help your skin brave the winter chill.
32. Breaking Bad Habits: Transforming Your Skin Health in 2024
As the New Year unfolds, it's the perfect time to set intentions for healthy, happy skin. 🎇 On today’s episode of Skin Theory, I’ll be sharing which skincare habits you should leave behind, as well as some of my top tips for transforming your skincare routine for the better in 2024. Let's make this the year we fall in love with our skin!
31. No Time? No Sink? No Problem! Skincare Tips for the Time-Strapped 
Your skin demands the same level of care as any other aspect of your life. So, let's dive into some tips and tricks aimed at simplifying skincare and making it manageable, even on the most hectic days.
30. Do You Really Need Eye Cream?
Eye creams. They're everywhere. From drugstore shelves to high-end cosmetic boutiques, they're often touted as a skincare necessity. Yet, if you've ever delved into the online world of skincare, you've likely encountered some mixed opinions on whether they deliver on their claims. Well, I've done my homework on this contentious skincare product, so in today’s episode, I’m going to tackle all your burning questions and settle the debate once and for all.
29. Understanding and Tackling Hormonal Acne
Think acne is just a teenager’s game? Think again. 🤔 Our latest episode of Skin Theory tackles the adult problem - hormonal acne. Find out the why’s, how’s, and what you can do about it. Trust us, it's an episode you won't want to miss.
28. Your Post-Summer Skin Rehab
It's common to see skin issues like hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and overall dullness post-summer, all results of excessive sun exposure. But don't worry – fall is the perfect time to focus on fading summer pigmentation and rejuvenating the skin which means that, even though fall is here, there are brighter days ahead! Ready for Post-Summer Skin Rehab? Let’s do it!
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