More than a skincare brand

Emme Diane is not just a skincare brand. We are a dedicated partner in our client's skin health journey, combining expertise, personalized care, and genuine passion to bring about transformational results.


Meet Emme

Emily Diane Burg, affectionately known as Emme Diane by her clients, was inspired to solve seemingly unsolvable skin issues from her own early struggles with problematic skin. Her passion has led to more than 20 years of professional experience in both medical and spa esthetics and now Emme Diane is sought out by clients from all over the world who turn to her when nothing else has worked.

Focusing on correcting the most problematic skin concerns, including acne, melasma, sun damage, and premature aging, Emme Diane uncovered the simple fact that almost every skincare line was full of products that were making these issues worse for her clients.

Determined to change the industry and give her clients the very best, she obsessively researched and formulated Emme Diane skincare to create true skin transformations for her clients.



What We Do

Emme Diane is revolutionizing the skincare industry with personal consultations, and specially formulated corrective skincare products that result in remarkable skin transformations for our clients worldwide.

 We believe clients deserve skincare that will make a real, lasting difference to their skin concerns. Not a quick fix or a “bandaid” that ultimately makes things worse in the long run. Clients from all over the world turn to us for expert advice and products that deliver real results.

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Why Emme Diane

Specialized Focus on Adult Acne

While our solutions cater to a broad spectrum of skin concerns, our specialized niche lies in effectively treating adult acne. A skin ailment often overlooked or misunderstood, adult acne requires a distinct approach, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in this realm.

Holistic Approach to Skincare

For us, skincare transcends beyond creams and serums. It's a comprehensive approach that encapsulates both external and internal wellness. Our belief is rooted in the understanding that skincare is an intimate journey, and each individual deserves personalized care.

Dedicated One-on-One Support

Recognizing the uniqueness of each skin type and the individual challenges our clients face, we offer one-on-one support. From the very first consultation to subsequent regular check-ins, we ensure our clients have direct access to Emme. These routine check-ins, which are completely free, emphasize our commitment to every client's skin journey, ensuring they always have expert guidance every step of the way.

Thoughtful Product Formulation

In a world where trends dictate product launches, we choose intention over impulse. Each product we introduce is a culmination of extensive research, ensuring its efficacy and relevance. We resist the lure of releasing products merely for the sake of trends or fleeting attention. Our collection is carefully curated, resonating with our core philosophy of providing genuine solutions.

Focus on Education

Education empowers. This belief underpins our strong focus on content marketing. By disseminating valuable, insightful information, we aim to equip individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their skin. Whether it's understanding the intricacies of adult acne, the nuances of different skin types, or the science behind our products, we are always looking for ways to enlighten and guide our community.

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