An Acne Trigger You Haven't Considered

If you've taken my free consultation, you are likely aware of how diet and medication affect the skin, but there is one surprising acne trigger you may not be aware of: cuddling. 

Now, don't panic! I am not going to tell you to stop cuddling! But I am going to share with you more about this hidden trigger and some ways to avoid any breakouts that come to follow. 

Acne Trigger: Skin-on-Skin Contact

Cuddling with your significant other can be a huge acne trigger for a couple of reasons, the first being their natural oils. When snuggling up, their natural oils transfer from their skin to yours, wherever your skin is touching (face, hands, etc.). This can result in a breakout on your face, or even result in body acne. 

Second, the ingredients that your partner uses in their skincare, shaving products, makeup, bodywash or whatever they apply to their skin transfers to your skin when you're getting snuggly. These ingredients may contain pore clogging ingredients, which when transferred to your acne-prone skin can wreak havoc. 

There are a few things that you can do to help prevent this skin-to-skin trigger. 

First, make sure you're wearing a daily sunscreen on your face. Our Emme Diane sunscreen creates a physical barrier that can help protect the skin. Now, while this is not a cure-all, it will help create some cushion between your pores and your partner's skin. 

Next, be mindful of skin to skin contact. This could be adjusting how you cuddle, slightly. It could also be adding a sheet between you and your partner to help limit oils and ingredients exchanged from skin to skin. 

Lastly, make sure you're consistently doing your skincare routine, both morning and night. If you've just had a lot of prolonged skin to skin contact, I recommend performing your skincare routine right after, in order to wash away any lingering contact ingredients and oils. 

Acne Trigger: Pet Kisses & Cuddles

Unfortunately, pet/animal kisses and cuddles can also be a big hidden trigger of breakouts. Do your absolute best to avoid receiving kisses from your pet directly on the face. At the same time, avoid touching your face to your pet's fur. 

With all of that being said, I am not going to tell you to stop cuddling your loved ones and your pets! Just be mindful that these actions can trigger acne breakouts and continue to be consistent with your customized Emme Diane routine. 

 xoxo, Emme

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