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The Link Between Dairy and Acne

The Link Between Dairy and Acne

Dairy is one of the most triggering foods for those who are acne prone and I can usually tell by seeing a client's skin if they have been consuming dairy. The dead giveaway is tender, inflamed acne lesions (many times cystic) found mostly on the cheeks, but also the jawline and chin.
by Emily Linehan on March 05, 2021
Adult Acne

5 Reasons Adult Acne Is More Common Than Ever

Although more commonly talked about these days, adult acne still seems to have a stigma attached to it. In many of the consultations I have...
by Emily Linehan on October 27, 2020
face with acne

What Causes Acne?

Got Acne?You have probably heard a million different theories as to what causes acne, such as: ✔️ Acne is an internal issue; you need to...
by Emily Linehan on October 20, 2020
Laundry machine

Could Your Laundry Methods Be Sabotaging Your Skin?

You probably have never considered this, but just think about it…towels, sheets and clothes have contact with your bare skin everyday. And with the rise...
by Emily Linehan on October 20, 2020
man-made, toxic substances in a flask

3 Common Misconceptions of “Natural Beauty” Products

Is Natural Always Better? Let’s talk about it! While natural and clean beauty products have become quite the trend, are they really better for your...
by Emily Linehan on October 05, 2020
Hydrated & Glowing Skin

The Secret Behind Hydrated & Glowing Skin

I frequently get asked from my clients the secret to obtaining plump, hydrated and glowing skin. It’s simple…..MOISTURE! And what is the best way to...
by Emily Linehan on September 14, 2020