Skincare Tips and Advice

How to Incorporate Firming Peptide Serum into Your Routine
You’ve probably heard the buzz around Peptides before, and for good reason. Peptides are one of the most powerful anti-aging tools, and are perfect...
Are Skincare Tools Worth It?
With so many new high tech skincare tools on the market, it is tempting to purchase them to up your skincare game. While a few may be worth your time and money, most of them simply aren’t powerful enough to be effective (and should be left to the professionals), while others can actually be very damaging to your skin. Before your spend your hard-earned money on these DIY gadgets, here is expert advice from Emme Diane:
Comedogenic & Acnegenic Ingredients
There is much confusion on what comedogenic means. Many get it confused with acnegenicity which is different.  Comedogenicity is the ability of a substance to cause hyperkeratosis (overproduction of skin cells) particularly in the top portion of the follicle/pore.  The end result is scaling of the skin and the production of microcomedones (invisible) and comedones (which, in layman’s terms are clogged pores and blackheads).
The Link Between Dairy and Acne
Dairy is one of the most triggering foods for those who are acne prone and I can usually tell by seeing a client's skin if they have been consuming dairy. The dead giveaway is tender, inflamed acne lesions (many times cystic) found mostly on the cheeks, but also the jawline and chin.
Could Your Laundry Methods Be Sabotaging Your Skin?
You probably have never considered this, but just think about it…towels, sheets and clothes have contact with your bare skin everyday. And with the...
DIY Skin Mistakes You Might Be Making
There is so much information about DIY skin treatments you can do at home these days. Many times, these at home skin tips become trendy but they ar...
DIY At Home Skin Care Treatments
Is your skin feeling a little congested, dull or simply in need of a little revival? You’re in luck #Emmebabes --- I have just the DIY skin pick-me...
How to Get Healthy Skin in 2020: Your New Skin Regimen
Download or Print the tracker based on your skin concerns: Clear Skin Habit Tracker ♡ Graceful Aging & Lighten Up Habit Tracker As we embrace...
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