How to Get Rid of Acne Scars and Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

If you suffer from acne prone skin, you know that it’s only half the battle to clear the acne. Most people with acne find that after a breakout clears, it leaves a dark mark behind that can take time to fade. Unfortunately, even if the skin is clear of active acne, it can still look very broken out and uneven due to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (aka: scene scarring). This can look either pink, red or varying shades of brown depending on what stage it's in. 

The first stage of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is where there is a pink or red mark visible on the skin where the acne once was. While it is frustrating to see, it’s actually a good sign! The pinkness/redness means there is blood flow to the area which is working hard to help heal the skin quickly. It is important to understand there is a difference between this kind of pinkness/redness and inflammation due to underlying acne forming. 

At this stage, the Clarifying Serum is your best treatment product as it helps to calm inflammation, prevent new acne from forming and help to speed up the cell turnover rate so that the skin can heal and regenerate more rapidly. As an Emme Diane Clear Skin Set user, you will notice you have been using this product all along, which means while we are clearing the skin, we are also working hard on keeping the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from forming, but also helping to fade it once the skin is clear.

The second stage of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is when there is a visible brownish, pigmented mark. This type of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is when the skin’s melanocytes have activated to help protect the skin. Similar to how your skin’s melanocytes activate when you are in the sun to protect the skin from UV radiation, your melanocytes also activate when there are other kinds of trauma to the skin, such as an acne breakout, to protect the area. Again, while frustrating to see, it is your skin trying to protect itself! As you can imagine, these spots will also darken if exposed to sun, thus, a huge reason why it’s  important to wear sunscreen daily!

At this stage, the Enlightened Serum is your best treatment product as it is formulated with a cocktail of pigment lighteners to help fade the dark marks and create a more even skin tone. While it is tempting to begin using the Enlightened Serum right away, it is best to wait until the skin is steadily clear before incorporating it into your skin regimen. It also needs to be used correctly, so if you think your skin is ready for the Enlightened Serum, be sure to Check In with me to see what your next steps would be! 

The Emme Diane Clear Skin Program isn’t just about clearing your skin. I consider fading acne scarring or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation as a part of the program and will stop at nothing to make sure your skin smooth, clear and blemish-free! To get started, please begin with my complimentary skin consultation!

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