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Effects of Wine, Gluten and Sugar on the Skin

While we have heard that wine has so many great anti-aging benefits, there is a darker side of consumption that we must consider. As you may have already realized, wine (like all alcohol) dehydrates the body as well as the skin, leading to pronounced fine lines, wrinkles as well as creating a crepey appearance on the skin.

White wine has a higher sugar and sodium content which can lead to swollen skin and puffy eyes. Red wine can create a histamine reaction in many individuals which causes the skin to become inflamed and red, especially for those who have sensitive skin or rosacea. In order to gain the anti-aging benefits from wine and reduce the harmful benefits, limit yourself to one glass and make sure you drink additional water to compensate.
Remember: Moderation is Key!

Although it has become quite trendy to go “gluten-free” to lose a few pounds, for those who have a true sensitivity or allergy, wheat/gluten can cause a whole mess of trouble. Aside from internal issues (digestion, achy joints, etc.), gluten can trigger several skin conditions and needs to be avoided to alleviate those issues.

Skin conditions triggered by gluten:
~ Eczema and Psoriasis
~ Rosacea and Acne (if sensitive or allergic)
~ Keratosis Pilaris (also known as chicken skin on the back of the arms)
~ Skin Rashes or Inflammation

It can be hard to know if you have a sensitivity without proper testing. However, if you have a skin condition listed above, that isn’t clearing with your own effort, try an elimination diet for a few weeks. This will give you a good idea if wheat or gluten can be the culprit. In my case, this was true! I get an itchy, welty rash on my decollate when I eat gluten. Boo!

Sugar might be sabotaging your skin! An overabundance of sugar causes an inflammatory response in our skin called Advanced Glycation End (or AGE, for short). The inflammation attacks our collagen and elastin fibers, the tissue that keeps our skin young and firm, and begins to accelerate the aging process.

Wrinkles are just the start, you can also expect a loss of radiance, elasticity and sagging skin. These signs begin to show up around age 30 to 35, just as the damage from the sun and environmental factors begin to show. Do your best to minimize how much sugar is in your diet. 

And besides, #emmebabe’s…you are sweet enough!

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