Does Hair Cause Acne? Tips for Acne-Safe Hair Care

Wondering if your hair is the cause of your acne? It might be. If you’re acne-prone, your hair care can be a contributing factor to breakouts. Many times, acne that forms along the forehead, close to our ears, neck, cheeks, back and chest may be due to pore-clogging ingredients found in hair care products. 

Conditioners and leave-ins are big culprits of containing pore-clogging, especially those that contain coconut, argan and Moroccan oils. It’s in your best interest to inspect your hair care products for any non-comedogenic ingredients.

To make things easy, you can always reference our most up-to-date Acne-Safe Hair Care List here.

Avoid skin-sabotaging hair care with these tips: 

  1. Use a different towel for your hair than the one you use to dry your face. You don’t want any residue from your hair care products to touch your face. 
  2. Wash your hands after applying your hair product or styling your hair to avoid cross-contamination with your skincare products or makeup.
  3. Style your hair away from your face. Leave-in hair care products can migrate to the skin and clog pores.
  4. Change your pillowcase regularly to avoid sleeping on hair care residue. A best practice is to sleep on one side of the pillowcase the first night, turn it over the next night, then wash it. 

Pro Skin Tip: If you have acne on your chest or back, thoroughly rinse any conditioner out of your hair and put it in a bun (away from your face) before you wash your back and chest. 

If your body acne is more severe, you may want to use to my Clear Body Scrub

In the daytime after cleansing, apply Clarifying Serum on the affected areas and follow with an acne safe body lotion.

At night, you can apply Acne Eraser on the affected areas on the back. Make sure you wear a white t-shirt to bed when applying the Acne Eraser to the body as it will bleach fabrics.

If you are treating the décolleté or neck, spot treating with The Pink Potion is better since those areas are very sensitive and using the Acne Eraser all over might be too drying/irritating.

Have you received a recommended body skincare regimen yet? If not, start with my complimentary New Client Consultation. Current clients can reach out via my Existing Client Check In

xo, Emme

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