How To Apply Toner On Your Face: Spray or Wipe?

by Emily Linehan on February 11, 2020

While toners come in convenient spray bottles, you may be surprised by my recommendation on how to apply toner to your face. Instead of spraying toner directly on your face, my recommended application method for toning is to spray the toner (12 sprays to be exact) on a cotton round and gently wipe it onto your face. 

This is the best way to apply toner for 2 reasons. 

1. It Removes Residue From Your Cleanser

Wiping your skin with toner (using either a cotton round or a soft gauze pad) helps remove residue from your cleanser. While rinsing may be sufficient for this, the extra step of wiping with toner acts as a safeguard to ensure your skin is clean and ready for the next step in your skincare regimen. 

2. It Removes Harmful Chemicals That Are Found In Tap Water

In addition to removing residue from your cleanser, wiping with toner also removes chlorine, salt and other chemicals that are found in tap water. The impurities in your tap water can be dehydrating and irritating to the skin. 

If you spray toner on your face, you are only diluting these irritants, not removing them! Removing them requires the recommended wiping method. 

#EmmeTip: Wipe your toner pad outward (towards your ears). Many times, the skin next to your ears isn’t rinsed well. This can lead to deep breakouts.

What Wipe Should I Use With My Toner?

Knowing that wiping is the best way to apply toner, my favorite toning wipe is a 2x2 non-woven gauze. I use these wipes in the treatment room! They are lint-free, super soft and absorb 50% less of your toner, so more of it is applied to your skin.

Calm Down Toner Toner Emme Diane
Calm Down Toner Toner Emme Diane
Calm Down Toner Toner Emme Diane
Calm Down Toner Toner Emme Diane
Calm Down Toner Toner Emme Diane
Calm Down Toner Toner Emme Diane

Calm Down Toner

Formulated with our patented oxygen electrolytes and soothing aloe vera, this one of a kind toner gently removes impurities while providing instant hydration for calm, perfectly balanced skin.

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