What Does Sunscreen & a Shot Glass Have in Common?

Need a hint? It all starts with you SUNSCREEN

In order to achieve true Sun Protection Factor (a.k.a. SPF) you need to apply 2 milligrams of sunscreen per square centimeter of skin. In other words, you need to apply ONE SHOT GLASS full (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen to your body per application! In terms of your facial sunscreen, about a nickel sized dollop should be applied. 

If you are using a spray sunscreen, this dosage can be hard to quantify.  Make sure you apply it generously to your body until an even sheen appears on your skin. Use your hands to blend it in as sometimes the wind can disrupt the layer of sunscreen causing gaps of protection.

Although this may sound like a lot of sunscreen, most people are not applying enough, which will greatly affect how protective your sunscreen actually is. If you want to achieve the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) number you are counting on to protect your skin, make sure you are liberal with your application!

#Emmebabe Pro Tip: sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours, and more frequently after swimming, heavy perspiration or toweling off. In addition to sunscreen, always do your best to utilize additional sun protective measures such as: stay in the shade whenever possible, wear sun protective clothing, broad-brimmed hats and UV-blocking sunglasses.

Happy sunscreening!

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