5 Masking Myths You May Be Doing That Are Harming Your Skin

by Emily Linehan on May 06, 2020

MYTH #1: Masking doesn’t exfoliate your skin

This all depends on the type of mask and ingredients used, but some masks can give the skin a nice exfoliation due to naturally occurring enzymes. For example, the enzymes in our Pumpkin Enzyme Mask act like little “Pac-Man” that chomp away at the top layer of dead skin cells resulting in a freshly exfoliated and hydrated complexion! In addition, the sulfur in our Sulfur Refining Mask acts as a keratinolytic which causes a mild shedding of the top layers of skin that can lead to clogged pores and dullness. MYTH DISPELLED! 

MYTH 2: Leave your clay mask on until it is tight and cracking

It boggles my mind how this became the standard thought process of masking as it couldn't be further from the truth! When a clay mask is on the skin, the deep pore cleansing action takes place when the mask is still moist. Once it’s dry, the clay mask begins to pull precious water moisture out of the skin, which is the exact thing we are trying to prevent as it leads to dehydration! Remember: when using a clay-based mask, leave it on for approximately 3 minutes and be sure to remove it before it dries. MYTH DISPELLED!

MYTH 3: You should only use one type of mask for your skin type

Most of my clients come to me with multiple skin concerns. Some people are acne-prone and dehydrated, and others have congested skin but also deal with melasma pigmentation. In these cases, multi-masking is extremely beneficial as it can offer solutions for various skin concerns. Because of this, I typically will suggest multi-masking as a fantastic DIY skin treatment generally beginning with my Sulfur Refining Mask to deeply cleanse the skin, then following with the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask to brighten the skin or the Cucumber Cooling Mask to deeply hydrate the skin. The beauty of multi-masking is that you can customize your skin treatment based on what your skin needs at that moment. MYTH DISPELLED! 

Mini Mask Trio Mask Emme Diane
Mini Mask Trio Mask Emme Diane
Mini Mask Trio Mask Emme Diane
Mini Mask Trio Mask Emme Diane
Mini Mask Trio Mask Emme Diane
Mini Mask Trio Mask Emme Diane
Mini Mask Trio Mask Emme Diane
Mini Mask Trio Mask Emme Diane
Mini Mask Trio Mask Emme Diane
Mini Mask Trio Mask Emme Diane

Mini Mask Trio


Our Mini Mask Trio allows you to easily multi-mask. Including Sulfur Refining Mask, Cucumber Cooling Mask, and Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, this set clears, hydrates, and brightens. 

These masks can be used together for a luxurious skin treatment at home, just follow Emme's Multi Masking guide (included in the Mini Mask Trio set). 

Set Includes:

  • Sulfur Refining Mask (1 oz) 
  • Cucumber Cooling Mask (1 oz)
  • Pumpkin Enzyme Mask (1 oz)

About the Sulfur Refining Mask 

When the skin is need of a deep cleanse, the Sulfur Refining Mask purifies and refines, enhancing overall clarity and clearing blemishes. This therapeutic mask is formulated with sulfur, a natural acne-bacteria fighting mineral that also gently exfoliates. Along with gentle, yet powerful sulfur, the Sulfur Refining Mask also utilizes the detoxifying properties of bentonite clay and the smoothing nature of kaolin clay to keep excess oil at bay. See full info and ingredients for the Sulfur Refining Mask here

About the Cucumber Cooling Mask

When your skin is need of a boost of hydration, the therapeutic Cucumber Cooling Mask is the one you will want to reach for. Formulated with moisture-locking hyaluronic acid and glycerin, the Cucumber Cooling Mask cools, hydrates, and de-stresses the skin. We've also formulated this feel-good mask with a unique blend of botanicals and cucumber to give you soft, supple skin. See full info and ingredients for the Cucumber Cooling Mask here

About the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Experience bright and plump skin with this purifying enzyme mask. Perfect for all skin types, the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask reveals a smoother, more radiant complexion with its skin-firming, hydrating botanicals. Formulated with natural enzymes, this mask gently exfoliates the skin, unveiling a healthy, natural glow. See full info and ingredients for the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask here

View Details

MYTH 4: Sheet masks are superior to other facial masks

While sheet masks are quite trendy, many on the market are formulated poorly which can lead to irritation and problems on the skin. Most sheet masks contain algae, which is a huge trigger for acne-prone skin. Sheet masks are often formulated with irritating fragrances and even ingredients found in hairspray to help them adhere to the skin! Sheet masks are not a one-size-fits-all; if there are air pockets present due to the mask not creating an airtight adhesion to your skin, you will have areas that will receive no benefit. MYTH DISPELLED! 

MYTH 5: Peel-off masks pull out blackheads

No! This absolutely couldn't be further from the truth! Peel-off masks appear to remove blackheads. However, what is actually happening is that the mask is pulling off the “muffin top” of the blackhead which means that the rest of the debris remains in the pore to become another blackhead the next day! Besides the mask not actually delivering on its promise, what's worse is that it will literally rip off the top layers of your skin which is incredibly traumatic if not damaging. The same is true for pore strips which can be used on the nose. AVOID these types of masks at all costs! MYTH DISPELLED! 

To learn more about Emme Diane facial masks and which would be best for your skin type, click here.

xoxo, Emme

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