How to Restore pH Balance in Your Skin

I know your toner just sits there in your bathroom… but what if I told you it has a real purpose! If you’ve ever wondered when to use toner, here is your answer: Use toner to restore the pH balance (also known as your acid mantle) in your skin!

Create a Second Line of Skin Defense With Toner

Our skin is incredibly smart! It actually produces its own frontline of defense against bacteria or infections, comprised of our own natural oil and sweat. However, when we wash our skin (and rinse it with tap water that tends to be more alkaline), it strips our skin of this natural, protective measure.

Without a toner, your skin will be more apt to reject the precious nutrients or actives as it is “feeling too vulnerable”. Using your toner to restore the pH balance in your skin will help it accept the active ingredients in your skincare products. 

Adding toner to your cleansing process is more important than you may have realized. Wiping your skin with toner for less than 1 minute can make all the difference for your skin!

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