How to Care for Your Skin in the Desert & Dry Climates

Living in a dry climate without the proper skin routine can really take a toll. Here’s how to care for your skin in the desert and dry climates!

The Faster, the Better

When it comes to certain skin types and climates, time is of the essence. 

Most of us would like a quick skin routine that only takes us minutes to perform. But is that too good to be true? 

In my opinion, no!

Moving quickly through your daily skincare regimen is actually better if you are dealing with dry or dehydrated skin (Remember, oily skin can be dehydrated too!). 

This is true whether you live in a dry climate, or are surrounded by heaters and fireplaces in a colder climate.

Don’t Allow Your Skin to Air Dry

The key is to never let your skin air dry. 

After you begin the cleansing process, move quickly to the next step in your beauty regimen. Don’t allow the water on the surface of your skin to evaporate. 

Pay attention to whether your skin feels tight after cleansing. This is a telltale sign that all the water moisture has evaporated off and your skin is dehydrating rapidly.

Think about after you bathe a baby. Ideally, you would apply baby lotion while the skin is still damp. This is because the lotion traps water moisture, ensuring the baby’s skin stays healthy and hydrated. 

The same is true for your skin!

Save Time & Stay Hydrated

By incorporating this simple process, you will see a dramatic difference in how your skin feels and looks AND saving time on a proper skin routine. This is a win-win in my book!

Pro Tip: Ice your skin as a part of your beauty regimen. Have the ice ready to go in the bathroom before you start. Walking across the house to get your ice after cleansing will rapidly dehydrate your skin, so have it handy before you begin!

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