How To Apply Eye Cream

by Emily Linehan on December 2, 2021

A question I get frequently is "when should I start using an eye treatment and how do I use it in my routine?"

These are great questions because just like your skincare routine, your eye treatments can be customized to you based on your concerns around the eyes, as well as what the steps in your Emme Diane routine are. Customizing your eye treatments can be important because eye creams and serums don't play well with some let's talk about eye treatments!

When Should I Start an Eye Treatment? 

I recommend starting an eye treatment (like an eye cream or serum) as early as possible (18+). The delicate skin around the eyes is quick to show the signs of aging, and when it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, prevention really is the secret. 

With that being said, whether you're 25 or 65, you will see visible benefits from an eye treatment, including reduced puffiness and dark circles, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and more firmness around the eye. These effects all happen while simultaneously preventing future signs of aging!

The key to getting the maximum benefit from an eye treatment is by applying it properly. 

What Eye Treatment Should I Use?

You may notice that both Bright Eyed Illuminating Serum and Hydra-Revive Eye Cream are sold individually and also as a set. This is because I compare the two to chocolate and peanut butter. Chocolate and peanut butter taste great together, and also amazing on their own. You can use these eye treatments together, but if you were to use one over the other, you will want to choose one that addresses your main concerns. 

Bright Eyed Illuminating Eye Serum Eye Treatment Emme Diane
Bright Eyed Illuminating Eye Serum Eye Treatment Emme Diane
Bright Eyed Illuminating Eye Serum Eye Treatment Emme Diane
Bright Eyed Illuminating Eye Serum Eye Treatment Emme Diane

Bright Eyed Illuminating Eye Serum

Specifically formulated to visibly brighten and firm, this hydrating serum also softens fine lines, reduces puffiness, and gives the skin around the eyes a more rested and youthful appearance. 

  • Reduces puffiness
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
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Hydra-Revive Eye Cream Eye Treatment Emme Diane
Hydra-Revive Eye Cream Eye Treatment Emme Diane
Hydra-Revive Eye Cream Eye Treatment Emme Diane
Hydra-Revive Eye Cream Eye Treatment Emme Diane

Hydra-Revive Eye Cream

An ultra-hydrating eye cream designed to help lock in moisture and nourish the eye area, Hydra-Revive Eye Cream gives the area around the eyes a more youthful and supple appearance. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, Hydra-Revive also gives the delicate eye area an added boost of hydration!

  • Hydrates dryness around the eyes
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The Right Way to Apply Eye Cream

1. Cleanse, Ice and Tone

Before applying an eye cream, make sure to wash your face with lukewarm water and Gentle Cleanser, Foaming Cleanser, or both. Double cleanse if you have any makeup or sunscreen on. Follow the next steps in your Emme Diane Skincare routine. If icing applies to you, ice. Afterwards, tone the skin with Calm Down Toner. 

2. Apply Skin Quencher Gel

Next, apply Skin Quencher Gel as directed in your Emme Diane Customized Skincare Routine (if you don't have a customized skincare routine, please scroll to the bottom of this post!)

3. Apply Bright Eyed Illuminating Serum

Bright Eyed Serum should be applied after Skin Quencher Gel, as follows:

  • Pump a "peppercorn" or "small pea-sized" amount of Bright Eyed Illuminating Serum onto your ring finger. Note: This will not be a complete/full pump. It is a partial pump. This one peppercorn-sized amount is enough for both eyes. It's important that you use your ring finger on the delicate skin around the eyes. Because the ring finger is the weakest finger on the hand, which helps us to be as gentle as possible. 
  • Lightly tap the tips of your ring fingers together to get an even amount of Eye Serum on both ring fingers. 
  • Begin with one eye and gently trace around the orbital bone (under the eyes and directly under the eyebrow) in a press/patting motion, while remembering to remain gentle.

NOTE: Do not apply to the eyelids and never rub an eye cream on the eye area, as the skin is really fragile. Always gently pat.

4. Apply Hydra-Revive Eye Cream after Bright Eyed Serum

******After applying Bright-Eyed, apply any skincare serums you regularly use (as directed in your Emme Diane Skincare Routine).

After applying your serums, it is time to apply Hydra-Revive Eye Cream to lock in the moisture! Hydra-Revive Eye Cream should be applied the same way that Bright Eyed Illuminating Serum is applied, including product amount.  

You may have noticed that there are skincare products I recommend using between the application of your eye treatments. Alternating between the eyes and the face during your skincare routine keeps the skin moist during application. 

#EmmeTips for Applying Eye Creams and Serums

Don't Use Any Eye Treatment With...

Acne Eraser! If you're on the Clear Skincare Set, you can absolutely enjoy the benefits of Eye Serum and Cream, however, it's important that you don't use an eye treatment on the nights that you use Acne Eraser.

Here's why: When applied at the same time, the moisture of the Bright Eyed Serum and Hydra-Revive Eye Cream will pull the Acne Eraser into the eye area. Though not damaging to the eye area, it can lead to redness, puffiness, itchiness, and swelling. This can be confused for an allergic reaction (it looks similar). Though it is not an allergic reaction, it is very uncomfortable! Acne Eraser is not meant to go in or near the eyes!

Instead, if you apply Acne Eraser in the evenings, make sure to only apply your eye treatments in the mornings. 

Skip the Brow Bone If...

You are planning on applying eye makeup after you finish your skincare routine. Both Bright Eyed and Hydra-Revive will give some slip to the skin around your eyes, so it's possible your eye makeup will slip around a bit or even smear. Especially on days of important events like weddings, photography sessions, or family gatherings, opt for applying morning eye creams and serums under the eye only.

Use an Eye Cream as Opposed to a...

Moisturizer! When it comes to locking in moisture in the eye are, it's important that you use eye treatments instead of HydraLuxe Cream or Pure Light Lotion.

There are a couple of reasons for this, one, Bright Eyed Serum and Hydra-Revive are both specially formulated to give the skin around the eyes the maximum benefit. Containing Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides, You'll see the best results when you use treatments specifically designed for the delicate eye area.

Two, my eye creams and serums are ophthalmologist tested to ensure that they are completely safe for the eyes.

Eye Creams and Serums Can be Applied...

Both day and night! As long as you aren't using it the same nights that you use Acne Eraser.  

Have You Tried Applying Eye Treatments to Your...

Lips? Believe it or not, both Bright Eyed Serum and Hydra-Revive Eye Cream can be applied to the lips for smoothing, firming, and plumping effects!

Try Keeping Your Eye Treatments...

In the refrigerator! Both Bright Eyed Serum and Hydra-Revive can be stored in the fridge for an added cooling effect. This cooling effect not only feels good on the skin, but also helps to reduce inflammation and puffiness! A real win-win!

xoxo, Emme

Customized Skincare Routines

New here? Hi! At Emme Diane, we understand that your skin is unique... so why isn't your skincare? I offer a free consultation where we deep dive into your skin concerns... whether that's acne, dryness, anti-aging, dark spots, or something else. After your consultation, I give you tips and advice (for free) that you can start implementing into your lifestyle immediately. You'll also receive a customized skincare routine designed with your unique skin in mind. Take my free consultation here! I can't wait to meet you!

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