#EmmeApproved Skincare Tools

by Emily Linehan on February 28, 2021

At-home skincare tools are very popular and there are many different types. Though the majority of them do offer some benefits, they also all come with their own risks which I explain in this blog post here.

If you're wanting to do more when it comes to skincare, I do recommend a few tools. These tools are not damaging to the skin and won't instigate a breakout or age the skin. 

1. Ice Cubes

Though they are not exactly a skincare tool, I highly recommend ice cubes (over ice rollers) and here's why. In general, icing acne prone skin is one of the best ways to help calm inflammation and expedite the clearing of the skin.  

I suggest ice cubes over ice rollers for a couple reasons. First, ice rollers do not get as cold as ice cubes which alters how effective icing the skin can be. Also, unless you sanitize your rollers before every single use (and ideally before you put them back in the freezer too), they will get dirty...and keep in mind that you are rolling it on bacteria-filled lesions on the face. On the other hand, ice cubes are one time use, sanitary, and free! So, grab two ice cubes from the freezer and roll them in a continuous motion on the face for about one minute after cleansing.

If your fingers get too cold from holding the ice cube, make some "ice pops" with this silicone popsicle mold or use these Cryo Ice Globes (just make sure to keep them very clean!)

2. LED Light Therapy

Using LED light therapy can be a great way to help reduce inflammation as well as rejuvenate the skin. While there are many devices on the market these days, unfortunately many are not powerful enough to make a difference in the skin.

Also, in order to reap the benefits, light therapy must be done regularly (in some cases, daily) which might be fun when you first get the light, but the novelty of it can wear off over time. If you feel like you are ready to make the investment (both in time and money), always make sure you're using a reputable and FDA-cleared LED light therapy treatment. Do a Check-In with me and we can discuss what might work best for you! (If you are new here, hi! Start HERE!)

For acne: Two reputable and FDA-cleared companies I recommend for LED Light Therapy are OmniLuxe Clear or LightStim for Acne.

For anti-aging/brightening: The reputable and FDA-cleared companies I recommend for LED Light Therapy are OmniLuxe Contour (this is the one I use) or LightStim for Wrinkles.

3. High Frequency

One of the oldest tools in the esthetics world, High Frequency has been around forever...and for good reason! It is an effective tool to help kill acne bacteria and accelerate the clearing of acne breakouts. The home devices are quite effective these days. Contact me for a recommendation.  

Here is my recommendation on how to use a high frequency tool:
At night after cleansing, icing, and toning, apply 2 pumps of Skin Quencher Gel to the skin to keep it moist and then use the High Frequency device either all over the face or as a spot treatment on any active acne (follow manufacturer's instructions). Do not use longer than 30 seconds on a single pimple, and no longer than 1-2 minutes total per session...if the skin begins to dry out while using it, apply more Skin Quencher Gel (you do not want the skin to feel dry/tight while using). Immediately after, cleanse your skin again and follow with the rest of your nighttime skincare regimen.

Now that you know what tools I do recommend, be sure to check out my blog, Are Skincare Tools Worth It to see my deep dive into why certain tools that may be tempting are actually damaging to the skin or ineffective.

The absolute best thing you can do for your skin is have a customized skincare routine developed by an expert! You can get your own routine here

xoxo, Emme

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