Is Cycle Syncing Really Beneficial?

by Emily Linehan on November 11, 2021

You may have heard of cycle syncing when it comes to exercise, diet, or even the moon cycle, but lately there has been a lot of chatter about cycle syncing your skincare. 

What is Cycle Syncing Skincare?

If you haven't heard of cycle syncing, it's a fairly straightforward concept. When you get your period, you sync certain aspects of your lifestyle to what is happening during your menstrual cycle. 

During our cycle, our hormones vary greatly throughout each month. This can have a variety of effects on the body, which I am sure many of you have experienced...there are physical side effects like bloating, cramping, and acne breakouts, as well as internal ones like fatigue and stress.

Hormones are a major trigger for acne (that's why so many teenagers struggle with breakouts). So, does it make sense to "cycle sync" your skincare in order to keep those hormonal breakouts at bay?

Answer: Yes!

Who Should Be Cycle Syncing? 

Just like there isn't a "one size fits all" answer for skincare routines, there isn't a one size fits all answer to this question either. If you are somebody who experiences hormonal acne during that time of the month (which will appear at the jawline and lower cheeks), then cycle syncing may be beneficial to you.

If you're a current EmmeBabe and you're still getting breakouts when you're about to get your period, make sure you do a Check-In to see if cycle syncing is something I'd recommend for you.

If you're new here and are wondering if cycle syncing might be something to help with those stubborn monthly breakouts, start with my free consultation. I give you a ton of helpful resources, advice, and recommendations for your skin. 

How do I Cycle Sync?

You'll find tons of approaches on the internet, and while most skin advice on the internet is good intentioned, it usually falls short of actually clearing hormonal acne. 

So what makes this different? I treat hormonal breakouts in a holistic way, so when you're consistent with your Clear Skincare Set which I personalize for your skin, and you're avoiding all of the triggers I called out in your consultation, your monthly breakouts will become a thing of the past. 

With that being said, nobody has perfect skin that behaves 24/7 (not even me!), so if you are someone who is acne-prone, my method of cycle syncing can save the day when you feel an alien growing underneath your skin.

If Advised:

One week before your period. Begin preemptive treatment. As long as the skin is not feeling too dry, you can increase the strength of your Acne Eraser by mixing strength levels. If you are normally using Acne Eraser 5%, mix 2 pumps of Acne Eraser 5% with 2 pumps Acne Eraser 10%. (Yep, that's 4 pumps total!)

One week before your period. Use the Sulfur Refining Mask twice a week (for no longer than 2-3 minutes) leading up to your period, as long as you're not getting too dry. If you start to notice increased dryness, decrease to once a week. 

Days before your period. Ice, ice, ice in the morning and night to reduce inflammation, even if you don't have any active breakouts. This is a great way to prevent hormonal breakouts from forming in the first place. 

Week of your period. This is a good habit to always be in, but definitely start being aware of this the week of your period. When you're cleansing your face, gently investigate your skin with your fingers for the earliest signs of a breakout. If you feel the tiniest breakout starting to form underneath the skin, spot treat with the Pink Potion ASAP and nightly until the breakout subsides. 

Week of your period. If you don't already, consider using a High Frequency Tool. I recommend the Fusion from NuDerma. One of the oldest tools in the esthetic world for a reason, High Frequency Tools kill acne bacteria, so it's a great investment for those with acne-skin, especially around times you may be more likely to experience breakouts. Use your High Frequency Tool as directed at the very first sign of a breakout. 

Week of your period. Another tip that should be implemented into your everyday life, but especially around your period is to avoid your triggers! If you're someone who experiences sweet or salty cravings more during the days of your period, try your best not to "give in" to these cravings - OR substitute with acne-safe alternatives that will quench your craving. If you're not sure what to avoid and what to substitute, take my free consultation here

If you've already taken the consult and feel like you need some additional support, always Check-In so we can do some additional troubleshooting and also go over the triggers again. 

Eliminate Breakouts During Your Cycle

Lastly, like I said above, "time of the month" breakouts can be a thing of the past when you have a customized Emme Diane Skincare Routine. If you already have an Emme Diane customized skincare routine, always Check-In when in doubt! 

On an Emme Diane Skincare Routine, these monthly breakouts don't have to happen anymore and your skin will stay consistently clear. Again, the secret is being consistent with your skincare routine, avoiding your triggers, using these cycle syncing hacks and checking in regularly. 

xoxo, Emme

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