3 Must-Have Acne Products


If you have acne, you're not alone. Almost everyone will experience acne at some point in their lives, and over half the population will even suffer from adult acne! 

We start our acne clients and customers out with a customized version of our Clear Skincare Set. This is why it's so important that you take our free consultation before you shop. That way, we can make sure that you're investing in the right acne treatments for your unique skin.

But what if you're on the Clear Skincare Set and you're wondering "what's next?" The first thing we always recommend is that you check in with Emme. She will be able to answer any and all of your questions about what will work for you. 

With that being said, we offer acne products that are amazing complements to the Clear Skincare Set that can really be a benefit to anyone.

So here we are, 3 must-have products for acne!

1. The Pink Potion 

No matter how consistent we are with our skincare routine, the occasional pimple is inevitable - after all, we are human! 

Emme thought of this when formulating The Pink Potion. This 5-star spot treatment lives up to its name. It's the perfect overnight treatment for those one-off blemishes that you want gone fast

Remember the old wive's tale? You know the one. Place toothpaste on your blemish and it will clear overnight! 1) please don't do that (because it can lead to fungus on the skin). 2) Use Pink Potion instead because it actually works. 

Read what customer Hannah has to say about the Pink Potion:

"This is the best spot treatment I have ever used! I see instant results when I wake up the next morning. When I do get a breakout (which is rare now that I am using the Acne set), this takes care of it." - Hannah

Bonus: It also works on Mosquito Bites. Yes, we've tested it. 

Learn more about The Pink Potion

2.  Sulfur Refining Mask

What would you say if we told you that there was a mask that purifies, refines pores, and clears blemishes in 3 minutes? 

There is. And it's the Sulfur Refining Mask. This 3-minute magic mask is formulated with sulfur, which fights acne-causing bacteria. 

This is a must-have treatment to add to your repertoire. Use the Sulfur Refining Mask once a week, in addition to your Emme Diane recommended skincare routine, and watch your skin reap the amazing benefits. 

Read what customer, Stephanie, has to say about this mask: 

"Emme's Sulfur Mask is actually life changing. Anytime I feel like my face is feeling congested or my skin has a flare up, this mask saves the day every time! Literally I wake up the next morning after using this mask to clear, refreshed skin. Cannot live without it!" - Stephanie

Learn more about the Sulfur Refining Mask.

3. Skin Smoothing Facial Polish

Everyone with acne can benefit from a gentle exfoliant to buff away the top dead skin cells - and that's exactly what our Skin Smoothing Facial Polish does. 

The Skin Smoothing Facial Polish is gentle enough to be used daily, and when it is, you're going to love the results. Emme designed it with natural silica beads that remove dead skin from the surface without being damaging in the slightest. Plus, the natural beads are environmentally friendly. Win win :) 

What Danielle, a fellow acne-sufferer, has to say about this gem:

"As someone with sensitive and acne prone skin, it is hard to find an exfoliant that doesn't cause more acne or irritate my skin. I love this exfoliant because it makes my skin feel smooth and look glowing after, I personally use it once a week but you can use it more. It has helped my skin and has not caused any breakouts or spread existing breakouts. Absolutely love this product!" - Danielle

Learn more about Skin Smoothing Facial Polish.


If you have any questions about The Pink Potion, the Sulfur Refining Mask, Skin Smoothing Facial Polish, or any other product, you can always reach out to Emme directly at emme@emmediane.com. 

If you're new here, Hi! Start here to begin your skincare journey. 

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