Emily Linehan


Breaking Bad Habits: Transforming Your Skin Health in 2024

Episode 32


"These habits may feel harmless, but they can be huge disrupters of overall skin health, so it’s important to try and avoid these..."

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Welcome back to Skin Theory, and happy 2024! I always find the New Year to be such an inspiring time—a fresh page, a new chapter, and the perfect opportunity to reset. It's when many of us reflect on our lives and routines and set goals to improve ourselves. And while we often focus on health and fitness resolutions (which is really great!), let's not overlook the canvas we present to the world every day—our skin.

So, as we toast to new beginnings, let’s unveil the skincare habits we should leave behind and those we should adopt to make this your skin's best year yet.

Podcast Highlights

  • Bad skincare habits to break in 2024
  • New habits to embrace for a healthier complexion

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