What is Serum & Why Does it Matter?

Whether you’re independently researching skincare or you’ve heard it from me, you may be wondering: What is serum?

A serum is a skincare product with a higher concentration of active ingredients, generally in a liquid or gel form.

The purpose of a serum is to deliver targeted ingredients into the skin to address specific skin concerns.

What is the difference between serum and moisturizer? 

The reason a serum comes in a more liquid or gel form is because it’s intended to be applied before moisturizer to penetrate down into the deeper layers of the skin.

When active ingredients are formulated in a cream-based product (such as a moisturizer with vitamin C or retinol), they become buffered and have minimal effect.

This is because the oils and emollients in the cream block the active ingredients from penetrating the skin and working effectively.

Emme Diane moisturizers are intended to be used only as moisturizers for this reason! They are meant to be applied after your customized serums have been applied to ensure the best results.

How to apply serum

So, in order to maximize your serum’s effect, be sure to apply it prior to your moisturizer.

It will also be important to understand what type of serum you are using.

Potent Serums: For serums that are more potent, your skin will need time to acclimate. Examples of more potent serums would be our Enlightened Serum (used to fade pigmentation) and Clarifying Serum (used to address the root cause of acne and also prevent the signs of aging).

Hydrating Serums: Some serums are very hydrating or may give the skin an extra boost so it can be used on a daily basis. For example, our Brilliant-C Serum (a vitamin C serum helps to protect the skin against UV damage and helps to hydrate the skin) and our Firming Peptide Serum (this immediately boosts moisture levels in skin, resulting in glowing, supple and more radiant skin).

Whether you’re using a potent serum or a hydrating one, all serums are more concentrated, so less is more.

You will find that you only need about half the amount of a serum that you would need from your moisturizer or sunscreen

In short, serums are really game-changers when it comes to skincare. And the best part? They can be customized to meet your skin’s specific needs.

To find your perfect, personalized skin regimen with serums targeted to your skin’s needs, please start with my complimentary online skin consultation.

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