Sweat and Your Skin

by Emily Linehan on June 02, 2023

Ever wondered if your post-workout glow is doing more harm than good? Sweating it out at the gym might be great for your body, but what about your skin? The truth is, sweat can be both beneficial and damaging to your skin. So, let's dive into why taking care of your skin after a workout is a must, and how you can do it the right way.

Sweat and Your Skin

Sweat is indeed great for your skin; it can help to purify and rejuvenate it. However, lingering in sweaty skin after a workout, or sweating with dirty skin, can lead to numerous issues such as breakouts, dryness, and irritation.

Sweat and Acne Prone Skin

Hanging out in sweaty post-workout skin is a huge culprit for acne since the mixture of sweat, oils, and dead skin cells can clog your pores, setting the stage for new breakouts. The salt in your sweat doesn't do your skin any favors either, causing irritation and adding fuel to the fire of already inflamed acne.

To add insult to injury, that same sweat is also supercharging the amount of water-soluble Biotin on your skin, which is essentially a superfood for acne-causing bacteria.

Sweat can really keep your skin from clearing, which is why it’s super important to get your post-workout skincare routine done within 5 minutes after breaking a sweat! If you’re acne prone you’re likely using the Clear Skincare Set, so click here to jump to your customized pre- and post-workout skincare routines.

Sweat and Sensitive/Dehydrated Skin

If you have sensitive skin then you've probably felt that sting or burn when you start to sweat. This is because the salt in our sweat is very irritating to the skin. And if you're prone to dry skin, sweat can double down on the dryness, making your skin even more sensitive.

Imagine using salt on veggies or when curing meat—it sucks out all the moisture, right? The same thing happens with your skin leading to rapid dehydration.

Dehydrated skin can age you by a decade, giving you a crepey and wrinkled look. And when your skin is thirsty, the salt in your sweat can be extra irritating, making your skin even more sensitive over time. So, avoid dehydration and skin irritation by completing your post-workout skin routine in less than 5 minutes after sweating. For your tailored pre- and post-workout skincare routines based on the skincare set you’re using, click here.

Sweat and Premature Aging

While sweat is a natural body function that helps us detox, things take a turn when we allow it to dry on our face. The toxins that were supposed to be expelled can get reabsorbed into your skin, causing oxidative stress, which leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin. These two proteins are vital for maintaining firmness and elasticity. So when they break down, your skin loses its youthful bounce, and signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging start to make an unwelcome appearance.

We definitely don't want that! So to avoid this, dive into your post-workout skin routine in less than 5 minutes after you're done exercising. For your tailored pre- and post-workout skincare routines based on the skincare set you’re using, click here.

Pre-Workout Skincare

The key to a successful pre-workout skincare routine is starting with clean, hydrated skin.

If you work out first thing in the morning, it's essential to wash off the residue of last night's skincare products. This is because skincare products like acne treatments, retinol, and AHAs can be reactivated by sweat, leading to unwanted dryness and irritation.

And regardless of the time of day, remember to say goodbye to your makeup before your workout, even if it's acne-safe. Working out with makeup on can hinder sweat evaporation and clog your pores. And if you're using a towel to wipe off sweat, it can push the makeup and bacteria deeper into your pores, sparking new breakouts.

Post-Workout Skincare

Incorporating a proper post-workout skincare routine can help minimize potential skin issues caused by sweat. So, on the days you workout, perform your post-workout skincare routine in less than 5 minutes after your workout. This will most likely mean that you will need to take your skincare products with you to the gym, yoga class, school locker room, etc. (#EmmeTip: Our Skincare Travel Set’s compact size is perfect for keeping in your gym bag).

For a full breakdown of pre-and post-workout routines based on which skincare set you use, click here!


Sweating it out is beneficial for both your body and your skin. But remember, sweat, if not managed properly, can also create an ideal environment for skin issues to thrive. So, completing your skincare routine pre and post-workout is crucial.

Keep in mind, you are unique and so is your skin. If you're unsure about what works best for your skin type, be sure to reach out to me directly. If you’re new here, you can start with my free online skin consultation. Or, if you’re an existing client, check in with me online here.


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