Do's and Don'ts of Sunless Tanning

by Emily Linehan on June 13, 2022

As the weather heats up and we’re spending more time outdoors it’s time to get glowing! By now we are all well aware that the traditional method of getting a sunkissed glow through UV exposure is one of the worst things we can do for our skin. Luckily, products like my Sunless Tanning Mist are here to safely give you that beautiful tanned look. However, there are some important factors to consider to ensure you achieve a natural, even glow! 

Already a sunless tanning pro? You can jump straight to instructions on how to use our Sunless Tanning Mist which can be found here.

DO find the right sunless tanner

Before you start, it’s important to choose the right sunless tanner. Be sure to find one that is non-comedogenic and will provide a natural looking glow. Our specially formulated organic Sunless Tanning Mist has a unique, brown-sugar based formula that ensures a golden brown color and eliminates the possibility of orange tones. It is also free of artificial fragrances and preservatives and is non-comedogenic and 100% acne safe! 

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DO shower & exfoliate

Showering and exfoliating the skin prior ensures that you will get the most even and long-lasting tan possible. To exfoliate, use a body scrub or nylon shower gloves. If you chose to use a body scrub, be sure to follow with a body wash to remove any skin softening oils as these could prevent the tan from developing as effectively.

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DON'T shave immediately before 

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DON'T wear makeup, deodorants or perfumes

These can create a barrier for absorption resulting in an uneven tan. Right after applying and before showering try to avoid wearing makeup, deodorants or perfumes. 

DO apply in the shower or outdoors

The overspray from the mist will end up on the floor and other surfaces, therefore applying the product in the shower allows you to easily rinse away the overspray once you are done. If a shower is not possible, standing on a disposable or washable floor covering, or applying the product outside is another option. 

DON'T tan the face if you have active acne

If you have active acne, it is best to wait until the skin is fully clear before tanning the face. Instead, match your acne safe foundation and/or bronzer to the sunless tanner.

DO check for missed areas

To ensure even coverage, be sure to check for areas you may have missed. If you’re using our Sunless Tanning Mist, you will notice the areas that you have misted look wet or shiny. If needed, use a tanning mitt or makeup sponge to blot and blend any areas that are more saturated with the spray.

DON'T shower, sweat heavily, or swim for at least 5-7 hours

As the tan develops, refrain from showering or sweating. Once the tan has developed (5-7 hours after application), you may shower as usual.

DO wash your hands thoroughly

Once the body application is complete, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent the palms and cuticles from darkening.

DON'T wear tight fitting clothing

Once the tan is dry (approximately 5 minutes after application), dress in loose fitting clothing. Tight clothing may rub off some of the spray tan prior to it fully developing and cause uneven results.

DO moisturize daily

For a longer lasting tan, keep the skin moisturized with a self tanning safe body lotion like Essential Body Lotion.

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Ready to get started? Check out my 5 Steps to a Perfect Sunless Tan for full details on how to apply my Sunless Tanning Mist!
xoxo, Emme

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