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5 Steps to a Perfect Sunless Tan

by Emily Linehan on June 01, 2020
*Updated June 06, 2022

You asked and I'm happy to deliver! Introducing our specially formulated, organic Sunless Tanning Mist. The best part.....IT'S 100% ACNE SAFE! I worked tirelessly on this top secret formula so that all my #emmebabes can have a sun-safe, golden glow all summer long! Our specially formulated, organic Sunless Tanning Mist, with 360º spray technology, allows you to achieve a professional airbrushed tanning result at home! Our unique, organic brown-sugar based formula is free of artificial fragrances and is non-comedogenic which makes it truly acne safe!

Sunless Tanning Mist Instructions:

**Please click HERE to download the printable, PDF version**

Step 1: Prep Your Skin
For best results, begin by showering and exfoliating the skin to ensure the most even and long-lasting tan possible. To exfoliate, use a body scrub or nylon shower gloves. If using a body scrub, follow with body wash to remove any skin softening oils that could prevent the tan from developing as effectively. Towel dry skin completely.

Optional: To protect the drier areas of the body, like the hands, feet, knees and elbows, from absorbing too much tanning solution and darkening unevenly, first apply a light application of lotion like our Essential Body Lotion to these areas.

The best place to apply the Sunless Tanning Mist is in the shower as the overspray from the mist will end up on the floor and other surfaces. In the shower you can easily rinse away the overspray once you are done applying the sunless tanning mist. If a shower is not possible, be sure to stand on a disposable or washable floor covering.

Step 2: Time To Tan!
Hold the bottle about 5-7 inches from the skin and use an even, sweeping motion to apply the Sunless Tanning Mist evenly. Begin with your arms (avoiding the hands), then move onto your chest, torso, back and lastly, the legs (avoiding the feet).

Step 3:
To ensure even coverage, be sure to check for areas you may have missed with the mist. You will notice the areas that you have misted look wet or shiny from the Sunless Tanning Mist. If needed, use a tanning mitt or makeup sponge to blot and blend any areas that are more saturated with the spray.

Step 4:
Once the body application is complete, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent the palms and cuticles from darkening.

Step 5:
Once the tan is dry (approximately 5 minutes), you can dress in loose fitting clothing.

The tan develops over 5-7 hours. Refrain from showering or sweating as the tan develops. Once the tan has developed, you may shower as usual. For a longer lasting tan, keep the skin moisturized with a self tanning safe body lotion like Essential Body Lotion. 

For a Darker Tan

Once the first application has dried, go back and repeat the same process, beginning with the arms.

How To Perfectly Tan The Hands and Feet

Holding the bottle 10-12 inches away, lightly mist the Sunless Tanning Mist on top of the hands and feet, then blend with a makeup sponge or brush to seamlessly blend with the wrists and ankles. Generally, one application is sufficient in these areas for a natural looking tan.

How To Perfectly Tan The Face*

Because the Sunless Tanning Mist is non-comedogenic and truly acne safe, you can apply this sunless tanner to the face. To tan the face, first follow your recommended skin regimen (see below). Then, holding the bottle 10-12 inches away, apply the Sunless Tanning Mist onto a clean face (with eyes closed) then blend with a makeup sponge or brush to seamlessly blend with the neck.

*Although it is safe to use for the face, keep in mind it will darken pigment evenly. So, if hyperpigmentation or dark spots are a concern, it will not even out the pigmentation but rather darken the contrasting areas evenly. If preferred, you can skip the Sunless Tanning Mist on the face and simply use foundation and bronzer to match your sunless tan. 

If you follow the Clear Skin or Rosacea Skin Care Regimen:

Cleanse, ice the skin, apply your toner, then apply the Acne Eraser to the skin for 1-2 hours (the longer the better). Cleanse again, apply your toner and then apply the Sunless Tanning Mist to the face per instructions above. Allow to remain for 6-8 hours (overnight is best). If you have active acne, it is best to wait until the skin is fully clear before tanning the face. Instead match your foundation and bronzer to the sunless tanner.

If you follow the Graceful Aging or Lighten Up Skin Care Regimen:

Cleanse and apply your toner like usual, then apply the Sunless Tanning Mist to the face and allow to remain for 6-8 hours (overnight is best).

If you have any questions about the Sunless Tanning Mist feel free to reach out to me directly at!


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