A Healthy Alternative to the Oil Cleansing Method

If you use oil cleansing in your nighttime skincare routine, it’s time to rethink!

While double cleansing the skin is so important at night (especially if wearing makeup or sunscreen), the oil cleansing method may be reversing your skincare routine. 

Why the Oil Cleansing Method is Problematic

Oil cleansers can feel amazing and appear to remove makeup effortlessly, but they leave behind a residue that is very difficult to remove. 

Even if you use a water-based cleanser for your second cleanse, chances are there will still be an oil coating left behind. 

The problem with the remaining layer of oil is that it prevents your serums and moisturizers from actually penetrating the skin. 

Oil molecules are very large, whereas the molecules in your serum and treatment products are very small. The larger oil molecules create a barrier on your skin, preventing the smaller molecules in your serums from penetrating your skin. 

In the end, your treatment serums and moisturizers will literally sit on the top of your skin and offer zero benefits. This is a waste of time and money!

Choose the Right Cleansers for Your Nighttime Skincare Routine

Performing a double cleanse at night is still very important. The first cleanse removes makeup, while the second cleanse is meant to clean your actual skin. 

To be effective in your nighttime skincare routine, you need to select the right cleansers. 

Here’s what I recommend: 

  1. For your first cleanse, remove makeup with a gentle foaming cleanser (like my Foaming Cleanser). Massage the skin for 30-60 seconds, allowing the cleansing agent to break apart makeup, oil and dirt. 
  2. Rinse the cleanser off with a fragrance-free baby wipe. Read my article Are Cleansing Wipes Good for Your Skin to learn more about the best cleansing wipes to use. 
  3. On your second cleanse, I love using my Gentle Cleanser. Massage this cleanser onto your skin with wet hands for 30-60 seconds, then rinse thoroughly and immediately move on to the next step in your skin regimen. 

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