Emily Burg


Hydration vs Moisture: What Does Your Skin Need?

Episode 42


"While dry skin types are generally more prone to dehydration than others, and I’ll explain why in a bit, oily and combination skin types can experience dehydration, too!"

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Have you ever found yourself slathering on layer after layer of the richest creams and yet your skin still felt dry? Or maybe your skin is super oily, but somehow you’re still experiencing dryness or flakiness? If any of these sounds like you then listen up, because in today’s episode of Skin Theory we’re getting to the bottom of why this happens by focusing on understanding the roles of hydration and moisture in skincare.

Episode Highlights

  • Hydration vs. Moisture
  • Dehydrated vs. Dry Skin
  • Treating Dehydrated & Oil Dry Skin

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