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How to Get Carded at 40

Episode 20

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"Aging is inevitable, but there are many products and lifestyle adjustments to prevent and reverse the toll it takes on your skin..."

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Let’s be honest, waking up one day and noticing fine lines, dark spots, or any other signs of aging can be pretty distressing. So, it’s no surprise that millions of us turn to the $62.6 billion dollar anti-aging industry each year in an effort to stop or reverse these changes. And while some of the treatments available can be great ways to help manage the aging process, a lot of us wind up feeling very overwhelmed in the hunt for more youthful skin.

So if you are feeling a little dazed and confused from all the skin treatments, medical interventions, or magic potions that promise to turn back the hands of time, this episode is just for you as I am going to share all my recommendations and strategies to keep you looking your best at any age!

Podcast Highlights

  • Products + tools you can use to defend against and reverse the signs of aging
  • How your dentist may be the secret to youthful skin
  • Top 5 supplements that are proven to help improve the skin and prevent premature aging
  • DIY and professional anti-aging treatment options to consider

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