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Before You Begin...

How long you should set aside

Everyone’s skin is unique, so in the consultation we ask many questions about your skin, lifestyle, diet, and other factors that are important for an accurate skin analysis.

It should take you about 15-20 minutes to complete the consultation. (P.S. All of your answers are confidential to protect your privacy, so please be as thorough and honest as possible.) 

Things to collect before you begin 

The consultation includes some specific questions about your current skincare, makeup, vitamins, supplements, and medications (including birth control).

 Please be sure to round up all your products before you begin so that you can reference the exact product and brand names as you complete the consultation. 

Taking pictures for your consultation

At the end of the consultation, we’ll ask you to share some pictures of your skin. Please take some clear, close-up pictures of your freshly-cleansed skin in natural light so Emme Diane can analyze your current skin for the best recommendations.

These pictures will also help us track your skin transformation once you’ve started your new treatment. 

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