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I've Mastered My Skincare Routine... Now What?

by Emily Linehan on February 15, 2022

Starting a new skincare routine can take some time to get used to - new products, application, consistency... but once you've mastered your skincare routine you may be asking yourself: What's next? 

First and foremost, give yourself a pat on the back! Mastering your skincare routine is a big accomplishment that deserves praise...and your skin will thank you in the months and years to come! 

Second, there are a few things I recommend, with the first being a Check-In. Any time you are feeling stagnant or like you're ready for next steps, you should do a quick Check-In with me! I can look at where you're at, what you're currently doing, and make highly customized suggestions specifically for you. 

With that being said, I curated specific (and discounted!) sets designed to complement your Emme Diane Skincare Set but you can also purchase these products individually! Scroll down to find the products I recommend and why! 

For Those On The Clear Skincare Set

I Recommend: The Acne Essentials Set

The Acne Essentials Set offers three key elements that boost clarity, in addition your Clear Skincare Set. It comes with a gentle daily exfoliant, a deep refining mask, and a spot treatment. 

The gentle daily exfoliant is our Skin Smoothing Polish. When incorporated into your skincare routine, Skin Smoothing Polish buffs away dead skin, refining your pores and keeping your skin clearer. This exfoliant is so gentle that it can be used by all skin types, daily if desired. 

The mask in this set is our Sulfur Refining Mask. The Sulfur Refining Mask works in a few ways in just 3 minutes! This mask gives your pores a deep-clean. It also is formulated with sulfur (as the name suggests), a natural acne bacteria fighting mineral that will help clear and keep you clear. 

Lastly, The Acne Essentials Set comes with The Pink Potion, a highly effective over night spot treatment. Containing acne bacteria fighting sulfur and anti-inflammatory salicylic acid, The Pink Potion reduces redness and inflammation over night. 

For Those On The Graceful Aging Skincare Set

I Recommend: The Anti-Aging Essentials Set

The Anti-Aging Essentials Set comes with three must-have products to help slow down the signs of aging and diminish existing fine lines and wrinkles. With a gentle daily exfoliant, a peptide serum, and an eye serum, this set is the perfect complement to the Graceful Aging Skincare Set

The gentle daily exfoliant is our Skin Smoothing Polish. The Skin Smoothing Polish is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. With natural round silica beads, it is environmentally friendly and won't leave your skin red and irritated. This exfoliant will help to buff away dead skin, leaving it smoother, softer, and more radiant. 

This set also comes with our Firming Peptide Serum that is formulated with the most powerful peptides. With consistent use, it softens expression lines and stimulates new collagen growth for more plump and firm skin. 

A must-have in any anti-aging routine, this set also comes with our Bright Eyed Illuminating Eye Serum. This serum instantly diminishes dark circles and wakes up tired eyes. It also reduces fine lines and plumps up the delicate skin around the eyes to give you a more youthful appearance. 

For Those On The Lighten Up Skincare Set

I Recommend: The Brightening Essentials Set

The Brightening Essentials Set is the perfect complement to the Lighten Up Skincare Set. With a gentle daily exfoliant, a brightening serum, and a brightening facial mask, this set helps to even skin tone, brighten dark spots due to sun damage and Melasma, and more!

The daily exfoliant in this set is our Skin Smoothing Polish. When used consistently with your customized Lighten Up Skincare Routine, this gentle exfoliant will buff away the dead skin, allowing your treatment products to penetrate more deeply - giving you the best results. 

This set also comes with our Brighten Up Serum, a highly effective serum that utilizes the brightening effects of niacinamide, kojic acid, and arbutin to visibly brighten hyperpigmentation. Plus, it's pregnancy and breastfeeding safe!

Also included in this set is the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. This mask exfoliates the skin while you wear it. With natural pumpkin puree, this mask not only smells good, but it is highly effective in brightening and plumping the skin, meaning it is especially ideal for those looking to diminish dark spots. 


When you add these products to your custom skincare routine, you'll see added benefits and visible change in the skin, leaving it happy, healthy, and radiant! 

xoxo, Emme


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