Emme Diane Set to Elevate Valley Skincare with Innovative New Microchanneling Collagen Induction Therapy


Among the Few Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona Utilizing the Latest in Collagen-Induction Technology - ProCell Therapy.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (July 11, 2022) — Emme Diane today announced they will begin offering clients an advanced form of microneedling therapy, Microchanneling. Unlike traditional microneedling, microchanneling does not damage or destroy tissue. Instead, it activates the body’s natural regenerative ability to help tighten and lift skin while minimizing common skin concerns. 

Emme Diane has chosen to partner with ProCell Therapies for the new offering. ProCell’s unique vertical stamping technique delivers evenly distributed, cleaner channels without tearing the skin and causing more damage than necessary. Combined with the ProCell Therapy device are the ProCell Growth Factor Serums to support cellular renewal and regeneration, resulting in improved skin firmness, elasticity, and tone. These scientifically proven serums contain growth factors, peptides, and cytokines naturally-derived from adult human bone marrow stem cells, making them strongly anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. During treatment, ProCell delivers an advanced profile of Stem Cytokines that saturates receptors in the skin with robust, pristine proteins, cytokines, and growth factors proven to promote wound healing, skin rejuvenation, and to reduce inflammation.This innovative technology, combined with the Emme Diane customized skincare routines, results in both corrective and anti-aging results that can be seen in as little as one treatment. 

“The amount of women struggling with adult acne is higher than ever before,” said Emily Linehan, licensed esthetician, founder, and CEO of Emme Diane. “Congruent with the growing demand for effective, acne safe treatments, we are excited to move forward with utilizing Microchanneling to offer a safe, minimally invasive treatment option that has been proven to visibly improve a variety of skin concerns including acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, and more.”

Utilizing microchanneling will allow clients to see significant improvement in the appearance of their skin without the damaging effects or downtime typically experienced with alternatives such as microneedling. The treatment takes approximately one hour and includes a one on one consultation with an Emme Diane esthetician. Taking a holistic approach to helping their clients meet their skin goals, Emme Diane estheticians custom-blend a treatment plan based on clients unique skin concerns, and provide recommendations regarding diet, lifestyle habits and more. 

“We have helped thousands of clients across the country address their skin concerns through our online consultation platform and are thrilled to bring this cutting edge technology to our clients right here in the valley,” Linehan added.

About Emme Diane

Emme Diane is a skincare company focused on correcting the most problematic skin concerns. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Emme Diane offers clinic grade facial treatments and customized skincare coaching. Since its inception, Emme Diane has expanded their services to clients across the country with their free online consultation and line of carefully curated skincare products.

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