10 Skincare Tips for Traveling

by Emily Linehan on March 09, 2022

Traveling brings so much happiness: spending time in our favorite places with the ones we love, and building so many new memories! With that being said, it can also be stressful planning, packing, and getting to location.

In the midst of everything that goes along with vacation, we also have to remember to take care of ourselves...and that includes our skincare!

Regardless of your method of travel (plane, car, etc.), I have 10 tips to keep your skin feeling fresh, hydrated, and looking radiant for all of those vacation photos! Let's go!

1. Use a Pre-Travel Hydrating Skin Serum

Keep the skin ultra-moisturized while traveling, especially when traveling by air as that is very drying to the skin.
Before your flight, apply a hydrating serum, such as my Firming Peptide Serum, Skin Quencher Gel, or  Dew Drops Hydrating Serum

2. Apply Sunscreen Before Traveling

No matter the method of transportation, always apply your sunscreen in order to ensure your skin is protected. It's a little known fact that UV Rays can penetrate through glass... and that includes car windows as well as airplane windows.

In fact, the higher you are in altitude, the more damaging the sun's UV rays are, meaning your skin needs protection during every flight.

Not only that, it's common to be on our devices more when we're not in the driver seat. Blue light is also damaging to the skin.

Case in point, no matter how you plan to reach your destination, sunscreen is not optional! 

3. Give Your Eyes and Lips Some TLC

If you're traveling by air or are planning on experiencing some jet lag, your eyes and lips are likely going to show the stress you're enduring before other parts of the skin are.

You may experience bags under the eyes, or puffiness. In that case, it's best to plan ahead and bring your eye treatments with you! These ones are the perfect size for travel.

When it comes to the lips, they can easily become chapped or irritated - especially with modern day mask mandates. Our Bright Eyed Serum can actually be used on the lips for a little boost of plumping hydration! 

4. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

I say it a lot, but I will say it again... the skin craves water and water helps to plump up fine lines and keep the skin looking radiant. When traveling, it's easy to forget about water-intake, but it's more important than ever (especially when flying!).

I recommend drinking a little bit more than you usually do while traveling. I always drink a liter of water before boarding a flight! 

5. Exfoliate

If you have acne-prone skin like I do, your skin might be a bit congested after a flight. I recommend using a gentle exfoliant after flying (like Skin Smoothing Polish) to buff away that top layer of dead skin. 

6. Avoid "Misting"

When traveling, it seems intuitive to mist your face for a refreshing boost of hydration...but don't do this, especially when traveling by air.

Dry air attracts water, so the mist on your face will actually cause the air to pull more moisture from the skin, leaving your skin more dry than it was before. 

7. Style Your Hair Off of Your Face

If you're prone to breakouts, make sure you style your hair away from your face during travel. This will help prevent breakouts when your skin becomes a little more congested!

8. Wash Your Hands Often

...Especially if you have a tendency to touch your face! When you're extra hydrated, you will likely be taking more trips to the ladies room... which means you'll be exposed to even more germs and bacteria than usual. Make sure to wash your hands often when traveling, and follow up with a moisturizing lotion so your clean hands don't become irritated or dry.

9. Think About Your Accessories

This is important especially if you are vacationing somewhere sunny! Skincare isn't just about skincare products. It's about all of the things we do that affect the skin. Make sure you've packed a hat that shades the face, sunglasses, and appropriate bodycare. 

10. Stay Consistent

Vacation is fun and it can be easy to become lackadaisical about our routines, skincare included. Ensure that you keep your routine consistent (morning, evening, and each time you workout) in order to keep your skin on track, healthy, and glowing... on your vacay and after! 

Skincare Travel Set Skincare Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Skincare Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane
Skincare Travel Set Emme Diane

Skincare Travel Set


Take your skincare with you anywhere you go with the Skincare Travel Set! With five universal Emme Diane products, you'll have everything you need in a compact size approved for carry-on. 

Included in the Skincare Travel Set: 

  • One Mini Gentle Cleanser 
  • One Skin Smoothing Polish 
  • One Mini Calm Down Toner
  • One Skin Quencher Gel
  • One Moisturizer (Choose between HydraLuxe Cream and Pure Light Lotion) 
  • One Clear Travel Bag with White Trim & Zipper

About The Skincare Travel Set

Regardless of which Skincare Set you use, the Skincare Travel Set covers all of the necessary basics. Due to its small footprint, drop this set into your carry-on, purse, workout bag, or even a diaper bag and you'll have your skincare with you for every moment life throws at you. 

This set was designed to integrate into your Emme Diane Skincare Routine flawlessly. The only thing you need to remember is any applicable treatment serums (they are TSA-approved already!) and your sunscreen (also TSA-approved). 

Gentle Cleanser

The Mini Gentle Cleanser is a hydrating face wash perfect for all skin types. Don't let the name fool you. It's tough on grime and makeup, while being gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin. In it's 2 oz size, it's perfect for on the go! See it in its full-size option here

Skin Smoothing Polish

Gentle enough for daily use, our Skin Smoothing Polish is an effective exfoliant that leaves the skin feeling smooth and looking radiant. Formulated with natural silica beads (that are environmentally friendly!), our Skin Smoothing Polish helps keep the skin clear and combats the signs of aging. This 2 oz facial polish is the perfect size to go anywhere!

Calm Down Toner

Our Calm Down Toner is a must for daily use. Containing soothing Aloe Vera and patented oxygen electrolytes, Calm Down Toner gently removes impurities and leaves you with balanced skin. This 1 oz size is perfect for a quick spritz throughout the day. It even doubles as an after-sun spray!

Skin Quencher Gel Hydrator

Filled with a hydrating cocktail of ingredients, Skin Quencher Gel draws moisture to the skin and keeps you looking soft, smooth, and hydrated all day long. This humectant delivers intense hydration into the skin. In this 1 oz size, it's perfect to slip in your gym bag, purse, or carry on!

This Set has Two Options: 

Option 1 | For Dry or Normal Skin: HydraLuxe Cream

HydraLuxe Cream can be used by all skin types, but is especially appropriate for normal or dry skin. This reparative cream improves the radiance, suppleness, and smoothness of your skin without clogging your pores. Designed to give you lasting hydration throughout the day, it also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! This 1 oz size is perfect for on the go!

Option 2 | For Oily and Combination Skin Types | Pure Light Lotion

This light, fast-absorbing lotion gives you weightless hydration without clogging the pores. Perfect for oily and combination skin, Pure Light Lotion is non-greasy, giving you all-day moisture while reducing excessive oil. In a 1 oz size, you can have featherlight hydration wherever you go. 

Not sure which ingredients are right for your unique skin? Make sure you fill out our online (free) consultation so we can recommend the best products for your skincare goals!

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