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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Episode 15

Skin Theory Episode 13 - Can You Shrink Your Pores

"One thing that should be considered when the seasons change is how long has that sunscreen, Vitamin C serum, or even your mascara been hanging out in your bathroom..."

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Spring is almost here which may have you wondering if you need to make any adjustments to your skincare routine. Well, aside from a few small tweaks like more hydration or possibly a lighter moisturizer, you really shouldn’t need to start an entirely new routine with each new season since the skin loves consistency.

But one thing that you should consider changing with the season is your spring cleaning plans! While decluttering closets and scrubbing those hard-to-reach areas in your home might be top of mind when you hear spring cleaning, it’s also a great time to evaluate and re-organize your skincare and makeup products. If you have some products that have been hanging out in your arsenal a little too long or are looking for ways to level up your routine, today’s episode is perfect for you as I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips for sprucing up your beauty routine to start fresh this spring!

Podcast Highlights

  • Tips for decluttering your beauty stash
  • How to tell if a product is expired
  • Pretty + practical ways to organize your skincare and makeup
  • Should you keep any products in a skincare mini-fridge?

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