Emily Linehan


Travel Do's and Don'ts (Just in Time for Spring Break)

Episode 36


"Vacations can very easily disrupt our routines, and while you do deserve a break, that doesn’t apply to your skincare..."

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With spring in the air and travel plans on the horizon, I thought today would be the perfect time to cover an important topic - mastering the art of travel skincare. Travel can really do a number on the skin..like unexpected breakouts, dryness or extra oiliness, even skin irritation or sunburn. So today, I’ll be sharing my best travel do’s and don’ts to keep your skin glowing and healthy…that way your vacation is destined to be memorable for all the right reasons! Ready, let’s go!

Podcast Highlights

  • Pre-trip planning and packing skincare tips
  • Avoiding airplane skin issues
  • How to take care of your skin during vacation

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