Emily Linehan


Do You Really Need Eye Cream?

Episode 30

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"Let's ground our conversation in reality... It's important to understand what eye creams realistically can and can't do"

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Eye creams. They're everywhere. From drugstore shelves to high-end cosmetic boutiques, they're often touted as a skincare necessity. Yet, if you've ever delved into the online world of skincare, you've likely encountered some mixed opinions on whether they deliver on their claims.

Are they just well-marketed moisturizers, or do they truly have a place in our skincare routine? From the online debates on their effectiveness to understanding their importance, I’m going to tackle all your burning questions. Why do you need a product specifically for your eyes? When should you start using an eye cream? What should you be looking for when you buy one? And most importantly, what can eye creams realistically do for you?

Podcast Highlights

  • Are eye creams effective and do you need a specific product for the under eyes?
  • Ingredients to look for (and avoid) when choosing an eye treatment
  • What you can realistically expect from an eye cream

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