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Dealing with Booty Bumps or Body Acne? Here's How to Get Your Skin Summer Ready

Episode 24

SPF in beach setting

"Though it's totally possible to get acne on your booty, chest, shoulders, or pretty much anywhere else on your body, what you are experiencing may be something else..."

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Welcome to today's episode of Skin Theory! It is hot outside, so I am sure, like me, you are eager to ditch the long sleeves and show off some skin! However, for those of us who suffer from body acne, sleeveless shirts or swimwear can be a source of anxiety and self-consciousness!

Whether you’re battling breakouts on the back, neck, chest, or anywhere else, it can be uncomfortable and challenging to deal with. But luckily there are some ways to keep body acne at bay, which is what we’ll be diving into during today’s episode.

Podcast Highlights

  • Understanding body acne + it’s causes
  • Is it actually acne or an acne imposter?
  • Tips for getting clear for the summer

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