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Emily Linehan


Face Mapping: Fact or Fiction?

Episode 22

Woman with aging skin

"I have found that the common triggers are, more often than not, external factors..."

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Hello and welcome back to Skin Theory! Today, we are going to talk about a fascinating topic that has been around for centuries – Chinese face mapping.

This ancient practice is based on the idea that certain areas of the face correspond to different internal organs in the body. So with this methodology, a breakout that occurs on the center of the forehead could be a reflection of the health of your small intestine.

But is there any truth to it? Find out in today’s episode, where we’re exploring the principles behind Chinese face mapping, my evidence-based version of an acne map, and how you may be able to use these techniques to improve your skin.

Podcast Highlights

  • The principles behind Chinese face mapping
  • Emme’s evidence-based acne face map
  • Should you consider face mapping?

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