Emily Linehan


Misleading Marketing Terms

Episode 18

Woman in mirror with misleading skincare marketing terms

"Since these terms are not well-defined or regulated they can be a bit misleading, especially when it comes to assessing the safety or effectiveness of a product..."

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In today’s episode of Skin Theory, we’re exploring one of the most confusing elements of skincare – marketing! Or more specifically, the terminology used to market skincare and beauty products.

As consumers, we're bombarded with buzzwords and jargon when it comes to beauty products, making it difficult to discern what's actually good for our skin and what's just a clever marketing ploy. So in today’s episode, we'll be discussing the origins of these terms, what they actually mean (if anything), and how to navigate the often-confusing world of beauty marketing to make informed decisions.

Disclaimer: You may be surprised by what you hear in today’s episode, so I encourage you to listen with a curious and open mind!

Podcast Highlights

  • What popular industry terms like “clean beauty”, “Hyppoallergenic”, “Dermatologist Tested” and more actually mean (if anything) 
  • The difference between “medical-grade” and over-the-counter skincare
  • Is there such a thing as “clean” and “dirty” ingredients?
  • Practical tips for making informed decisions when it comes to purchasing skincare

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