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Trending Talk: Head & Shoulders, Skin Cycling & More!

Episode 03

"I’m usually pretty shocked about what advice spreads like wildfire…”

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With so many skincare trends going viral on social media, it can be hard to determine which are truly beneficial, which are absolutely useless, and which are actually harmful. Sometimes, there can be good advice, but typically it is only for a specific skin type or condition (not for the general public). So today, we are going to unpack 4 trending skincare tips to see if they are right for you!

1. Does Head and Shoulders Shampoo Clear Acne?

There is a tiny bit of truth to this trend…however, it does not clear acne. This trend works only on what has commonly been called “fungal acne”, but don’t get confused because it isn’t acne at all. Here is the big takeaway: “fungal acne” is caused by fungus, whereas actual acne is caused by bacteria. So what clears acne isn’t what is going to clear fungal folliculitis and vice versa.

Here’s the bad news about Head and Shoulders Shampoo:

  • It is very drying and irritating to the skin
  • It has pore-clogging ingredients, so it can contribute to acne

Fungal acne is an acne imposter…while it is not totally uncommon, this trend is definitely one you should skip unless you have been told by your doctor or skincare professional that you do have fungal folliculitis

2. Should You Be Skin Cycling?

While skin cycling could be a good option for certain skin types (like very sensitive skin, non-acne prone skin), it may not be the best option for your skin because:

  • If you are struggling with acne-prone skin, consistency is essential to successfully clearing the skin.
  • If you are looking to make visible changes to the skin, using the skin cycling method will probably produce in the end, but it will take quite some time

There are other methods besides Skin Cycling that are great for more sensitive or drier skin types like our Acclimation Method, the Timed Method, or the Buffered Method so you can use your active serums and products daily for the best results.

3. Does Brushing Your Teeth After Washing Your Face Cause Acne?

Not exactly, however, it is SO important that you always brush your teeth before you wash your face since the overspray from your toothbrush or dribbling can cause another “acne imposter” which looks and acts like acne and appears on the corners of the mouth, chin and upper lip, but also can be on the sides of the nose too

4. Is Slugging Right For My Skin?

Slugging is the act of sealing your hydrating skincare products into the skin with an occlusive agent to lock in moisture overnight. The term "slugging" refers to a thick, mucus-like substance, much like the slimy trail a snail or slug leaves in its path. A pretty gross analogy, but slugging is a skincare technique that has real benefits. I have recommended it to clients for over a decade when the skin's moisture barrier is compromised. Listen to learn more about how and when to “slug” to repair and replenish your skin!

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